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Seriously Improve "Manage Groups" and "Help"

1. Should be more readily accessible - as it is, it takes between 3 to 5 well hidden clicks to get to it - suggestion: put a button on the Start Menu X toolbar, next to "Options"
2. The "Group Manager" should provide access to individual items under folders in the Step 2 list - as it is, for many items, you are forced to select a whole folder as opposed to the executable file for the program
3. The feature described in the "Help" under the title: "Additional features - Copying using a context menu" does not appear to work - never did for me. Pity, it would have been useful.
4. The "Help" could be more elaborate - right now is somewhat skimpy.

ML , 15.01.2016, 17:20
Idea status: under consideration


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